Should wild animals be pets at home essay

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He may have looked abandoned, but the truth is that mother bunnies generally stay away from their babies during the day to avoid drawing attention to them.

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Tragically, recent numbers suggest there are more tigers in captivity than in the wild, with many people keeping them in backyards. But the problem is that the baby animal may not have developed the critical skills necessary — like hunting for food or evading predators — to survive in the wild.

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Why Wild Animals Shouldn't Be Pets

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Types of Wolf

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What could motivate people to clean up after themselves? They often travel several miles in one day, they make and use tools, they communicate with one another and they choose their friends with care.

Why can every child have a pet? Assisted suicide should be legal. Because of this, they thrive in the wild and their numbers grow quickly. Do you believe internet censorship is inappropriate?Animals don’t really belong in a human home.

We can’t properly meet their needs in terms of exercise, diet and environment, so it is cruel to keep them as pets. For example, dogs are pack animals that need companionship, but they are often kept singly and left during the day.

Wildlife animals such as tigers, chimpanzees, and bears are all animals that are very difficult to be tamed. These animals have not evolved how most dogs have and its much more complicated to train one of these exotic animals rather than a new puppy.

Debate: Should humans own pets

Wolves are proud beautiful animals, but its still easy to see in them bits of the domestic dogs we have come to love. Habitat Plays A Role. Most of the wolves worldwide are subspecies of the mighty gray wolf.

Among other diseases carried and transported by wild animals, one should mention such infections as chlamydia, yaba virus, giardia, tuberculosis, measles, marburg virus, hepatitis A, campylobacteriosis, rabies, streptothricosis, and a lot of other malicious microorganisms, including worms.

Yes! Wild animals should be kept as pet's! I know that some wild animals can be dangerous, but didn't dogs and cats used to be wild also. If we can have dogs, cats, or fish then why can't we have wolfs, kangaroo's, or bears. To be clear, exotic animals are not domesticated, and they vary greatly in shapes and sizes.

Some exotic animals are sold in pet stores: Bearded dragons, Green iguanas, and Macaws, just to name a few.

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Should wild animals be pets at home essay
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